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Occupational Health Services

Our focus is to help organizations in the promotion and maintenance of healthy work environment and a healthy workforce. This has the potential of reducing absenteeism, reducing healthcare cost, increasing productivity and boosting employee morale. There is a saying that a healthy workforce is the most important asset of any organization. We also provide training in Occupational Health and Safety.

Traditionally the occupational health model was a 'medical' reactive process diagnosing health effects and illness, promoting good health, and reducing risks by controlling exposures and preventing ill health. Today it has to justify itself economically and is a service that looks to protect both the employee and the employer.

It means occupational health has become far more sophisticated. Consequently it demands a broader scope of services. We help to reduce risks to the employee and the employer, at the same time providing a service that maintains a level of commercial awareness and seeks to demonstrate a return on investment.

Balancing compliance with commitment

In the face of increasing legislation, new government initiatives and business operational targets a co-ordinated approach to occupational health has never been more important to assure cost-effective compliance in delivering a duty of care. Occupational health support has become a ‘need-to-have’ rather than a ‘nice-to-have’ for any employer. Matters pertaining to employee health are usually sensitive and often difficult to understand and manage; occupational health allows management to be one stage removed and to only act on practical recommendations.

This is where professional advice can be of significant value:

  1. Actively managing sickness absence including considering capability decisions
  2. Managing any perceived ‘work related’ issues whether they be physical or mental health issues i.e.: accidents at work, repetitive strain injury (RSI), stress related absence, etc.
  3. Recruiting individuals to roles where safety could potentially be an issue e.g. ensuring an employee working at heights or driving at work is not an epileptic
  4. Considering ‘adjustments’ and for how long they might need to be in place
  5. Compliance with Health & Safety obligations e.g. night workers health assessments, etc.
  6. Health surveillance for those potentially exposed to issues that might compromise their health i.e. noise/ dust/ vibration etc.
  7. Drug and alcohol policies and testing in the workplace, etc.

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